Garden furniture

"The glory of gardening:

hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature.

To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body,

but the soul."

(Alfred Austen)

Garden furniture

The expression "garden furniture" refers to the elements that improve, both functionally and aesthetically, the outdoor spaces of the home. This includes items for the creation and arrangement of flowerbeds, paths, outdoor lighting and all other elements that make it easier to enjoy the outdoors. 

Home and garden

The garden dresses up the house and allows the owners moments of relaxation and quiet in the midst of nature. In this section of the site we will include in-depth information on products designed for your garden. Perhaps to facilitate maintenance or to make it more beautiful. We will also try to answer the most frequently asked questions about the world of the garden by giving you useful advice and suggestions. 

Synthetic grass

They call it "fake grass" or "synthetic turf", but the concept remains the same: it is a carpet that imitates a well-tended lawn, made of PVC threads woven on a micro-perforated plastic/rubber support. The quality of the product is determined by several factors: type of backing, composition of the threads, number of threads per square centimetre, variety of colour of the threads. The number and variety of colours determine the aesthetics and verisimilitude.
In this work, for example, we laid the synthetic lawn near a swimming pool in Vicenza. 

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Piscina a valdagno, Vicenza, con erba sintetica


Granules for garden beds

Granules for flowerbeds exist in a wide range of sizes and colours. They are used to create dry gardens in the style of Japanese gardens or rock gardens.  In this article we look at the best-selling granulates in the Vicenza and Verona areas.

which granulate for flowerbeds?

Granulato per i giardini, quale colore?


Delimiting flowerbeds with a stone fence

Dry flowerbeds, which are increasingly being incorporated into gardens to create attractive corners, often need to be bordered by grass. 
These can be delimited with borders such as alubord, a border that is driven into the ground, or with tuff bricks, cut and shaped around the beds.
Or, as we will see in the following photos, you can build beautiful stone palisades to delimit the "rock garden" from the lawn. 
Here are some examples:

Stone palisades

Ideas for your garden beds

Some ideas for making beautiful dry flower beds in your garden.

Photo ideas for garden furniture and dry flower beds in the garden