Parquet brands in Vicenza

The best parquet brands

In our two wooden floor shops you can have fun searching for your parquet floor among hundreds of different types, with the advice of our interior designers.  We will guide you through the different types of pre-finished two or three layer wooden floors from the best manufacturers.

But which are the best parquet brands?

Well, we have chosen the manufacturers on the basis of their seriousness, the reliability of their products but also on how they handle critical situations, complaints or problems raised by us or by our end customers. Parquet is, as we know, a "living", natural product and as such can give rise to problems. And it is in these cases that the quality of a supplier is measured. 

Wood flooring: Made in Italy? 

We also want to guarantee the origin of the wood: we do not sell wooden floors from China or Asia. If you find cheap wooden floors on the market, please do not buy them. When wooden floors are cheap, it's not a bargain for you to buy them, but for those who are trying to sell them to you.

And if it is guaranteed to be "made in Italy", I would like to inform you (we are a masochistic country) that the Supreme Court of Cassation has ruled (sentence no. 34103/2005) that if the design and final stage of the production process takes place in Italy, the product can bear the Made in Italy mark. So it is sufficient to paint a Chinese plywood board and say that it was designed in Italy, for it to be Made in Italy. Absurd, I know.  

That's why you shouldn't trust low prices or products offered by large French chains or similar.

Do as we do. We visit companies periodically and make sure that the entire production process is carried out: from the tree stored in the yard, to assembly and finishing

And the installation

One of the most frequent mistakes is to separate the supply from the installation. In other words, buying parquet from X and then having it laid by Y means not having a contact person to intervene in the event of problems, but finding yourself faced with the usual blame game. The best guarantee is to have the invoice state "subcontracted execution of wooden flooring model xxx". Only in this case does your supplier become a contractor and must comply with the rules of the civil code on contracts, which favours you as the customer. Think about it: a floor will cost you the same as a car, yet if you buy the car you buy it "as a whole" and not from different contractors. That's why you should buy screed, parquet and installation from the same company and with a single invoice item. 

The best parquet floors 

But here is a selection of the best parquet manufacturers. For each one we have also identified product lines that we particularly like. Make a good choice!