Heating the house

Heating your home in Vicenza and Verona

If you try to read the catalogues of the manufacturers of various heating systems, each of them will try to convince you that it is the absolute best. But what is the best heating system for YOUR home? 
On this page we will try to clarify by explaining which heating systems you can use and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the different systems. 

In the case of renovation, it is certainly worth considering dressing the house with a suitable thermal coat. 

Heating for a new home

If you are building a new home, you have the advantage of starting from scratch and being able to design both the shell (suitably insulated, perhaps with a thermal coat) and the heating system in a suitable way, choosing the most advantageous energy source. In addition to the economic aspects, the environmental aspects should also be taken into account: a responsible lifestyle is a must for the sake of the children. 


Heating in case of renovation

Here, there can usually be some structural or other limitations. Generally we are faced with a radiator system, perhaps a single pipe system, with cast iron heating elements. The condition of the pipes and radiators must be assessed and a decision made as to whether to keep or replace both. 
Even if it is decided to keep the pipes and heating elements, it is always worth replacing the boiler: condensing boiler technology allows such savings that - combined with tax incentives - the boiler pays for itself in no time.


Aim: comfort 

The goal you should aim to achieve by working on the envelope and the heating system is living comfort. This is a factor that also depends on your and your family's habits: are you used to walking around the house barefoot and wearing light clothes or a jumper? Do children spend a lot of time sitting on the floor?