Bio-architecture is a design approach that aims to make better use of natural resources and to use ecological materials, with a view to respecting the environment and saving energy. It is a new trend but one that is changing the way we build and conceive of our homes.

For example, bio-architecture suggests using renewable sources to obtain comfortable and good functioning of the building and, at the same time, working on the building envelope to reduce dependence on plant engineering. Buildings designed according to these indications have a reduced energy consumption compared to traditional buildings, even if the initial cost of installation is higher.

Bio-architecture pushes for the use of solar energy for both lighting and water heating or energy production. 

There are many suggestions in terms of building orientation, solar shading, the use of organic, recycled and recyclable materials, and rainwater harvesting. 

Bio-architecture also gives us indications on the shapes and volumes of the building, which should not be in contrast with the surrounding environment, but integrate harmoniously.