Gabriele Pellizzari

Gabriele Pellizzari, responsible for stoves and fireplaces in Gambellara for Fratelli Pellizzari

ROLE: Fireplace and stove sector manager
OFFICE: Hardware in Gambellara

Gabriele, who was born in Arzignano and lives in Brendola (Vicenza), worked for years in the building sector of Fratelli Pellizzari and then became interested in the stove and chimney sector. He has been working in this sector for a few years now and is able to assist customers both in the choice phase, with advice and ideas, and - subsequently - in the implementation on site.

His expertise, which also covers the plasterboard and paint sector, has enabled him to create made-to-measure fireplaces incorporated in plasterboard structures with excellent aesthetic results. 

Gabriele is also able to provide assistance in obtaining the incredible facilitation called "thermal account".

NUMBER: 0444649038
EMAIL: [email protected]